Workflow Assessment and Automation

Workflow Assessment and Automation

Customer Challenges 

  • Need help with developing a strategy to improve the efficiency and day-to-day operations of the business
  • Need to occasionally re-evaluate workflows in light of changes in the workforce or marketplace
  • Ready to accelerate business activities and processes to leverage changes and opportunities of digital technologies but do not know where to start
  • There is a need to automate specific workflows, tasks and/or processes to improve productivity and efficiency

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Workflow Assessment & Workflow Automation Services 
Eliminating inefficiencies of manual, paper-based work streams is the first step to any effective digital transformation strategy. It improves operational excellence and increases cost efficiencies.

Utilising analytics, FUJIFILM Business Innovation consultants gain insight into the document intensive processes of a customer’s business. They then evaluate the information lifecycle in the processes and recommend areas that will benefit from workflow simplification and/or automation.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation offers digital technologies and services in the following areas to help organisations automate workflows, document routing and business tasks/processes:

  • Document Capture & Processing. Digitise paper documents and extract intelligence from unstructured / semi-structured documents, for easy retrieval
  • Content Management. Manage paper and digital content from creation to retention to transformation
  • Workflow tools and/or RPA. Automate predictable and repeatable processes 
  • Digital Mail Room. Digitise incoming mails and automate the classification and distribution of mails within the organization

FUJIFILM Business Innovation also offers Imaging & Document Management Services (IDMS) as a managed outsource service to digitise paper-based documents for our customers. (Refer to Imaging & Document Management for more information).

Our extensive network of representatives can help you choose the right solutions for your business needs.

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