Towards a Sustainable Future

Towards a Sustainable Future

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Our approach to Sustainability

Fuji Xerox Singapore believes that reputation and credibility are integral to business sustainability. Our relationships with customers, employees, the community and the environment are key to maintaining our reputation and credibility.

Fuji Xerox Singapore's approach to sustainability focuses on creating value for these key stakeholders through the provision of products and services. Today, sustainability means more than just ‘green' and charity. It is about making measureable impact to the business environment and helps us to constantly innovate and improve our products and services to respond to an evolving set of stakeholders' expectations.

In the second edition of our Sustainability Report, we highlight our continued commitment to sustainability and transparency, demonstrating how our social and environmental responsibilities are integrated into our core business. We also measure our performance against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) requirements, we demonstrated how our social and environmental responsibilities are integrated with our core business. Key initiatives, performance and outcomes are also shared in this report.


Amongst our set of core values lies the commitment and focus on global sustainability - a focus that manifests itself in the integration and support of our customers as well as placing our environment at the core of everything that we deliver.

We are unique in addressing sustainability at every step in the value chain. From parts procurement through an extensive supply chain, to our product design, manufacturing operations, to customer use and disposal of our products at end of life – We have proven our commitment to sustainability at every step in the value chain.



At Fuji Xerox Singapore, environmental concerns have been part of our business operations for many years. In line with the Group's vision and sustainability strategy, we uphold environmental values and principles, and ensure that they are inculcated in our employees at all levels of the organization

In 2003, Fuji Xerox Singapore implemented the Environmental Management System (EMS) in its offices and local operations. In the same year, it obtained ISO 14001 from the Japan Audit and Certification Organization (JACO). The EMS aims to improve the resource efficiency of our business practices and to reduce the adverse impact we have on the environment.

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Annually, top management set the environmental targets based on the framework and make sure they are communicated to respective departments staff. Monthly performance are tracked and announced to at prominent locations around the offices. Functions that require improvements are reviewed during the monthly CSR meeting attended by a team of senior management.

Since 2003, we have achieved the following performance for our Environmental efforts:

  • 40% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emission
  • 48% reduction in electricity usage
  • 23% reduction in fuel consumption
  • 42.9% reduction in office paper usage
  • 38 times increase in sale of FSC certified/recycled papers
  • 2 times increase in sale of eco-conscious equipment
  • Collected and recycled 91,646 units of used toner cartridges & customer replaceable unit (CRU) in 2012
  • Over 250 establishments attended "Go Green" workshops on how to implement eco-practices internally
  • In addition, we also place strong emphasis on educating the users and younger generation on Green IT, CSR and environmental best practices. This is done through partnerships with leading industry bodies and education institutions.
  • Collaborate with ITEs in Corporate and School Partnership Programme to impart green values to the youth

Reuse and Recycling

As part of our recycling effort, all our used cartridges, printers and copiers are sent to the Fuji Xerox International Resource Recycling Centre in Thailand. This eco-manufacturing plant is one of the key elements of Fuji Xerox Group's Zero Landfill initiative and collects used Fuji Xerox products in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since 2010, we have designed and distributed green collection boxes to our customers to facilitate the collection and recycling process in Singapore.

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Go Green Workshops

To help our customers start their Green journey, we have also conducted Go Green workshops to over 250 establishments. Through these workshops, we shared the knowledge of embarking on an eco-friendly office and how to implement eco-practices within the company.


World Environment Day

Every year 5 June, we have always been part of this event since 2007. We actively engaged various organisations to put in our positive environmental actions together. Through the engagement, we hope that our actions will help to raise people awareness to environment protection and natural resources conservation.

earth hour

All lights in Fuji Xerox Singapore offices were switched off during World Environment Day.

For more information on World Environment Day, please visit

World Car-free Day

Every 22nd September, we engage and encourage our stakeholders to leave their private transport at home and commute via public transport in support of the World Carfree Day.

This provides a great opportunity for us to make a firm stand on the need to change our behaviour and lifestyle in this car-dominated society. It is also the perfect time to reduce the stress and heat that have been placed on our planet Earth due to the increased dependency on electricity and technology, in return for convenience.



A customer is pledging his support during our product show.

For more information on World Car-free Day, please visit

Corporate and School Partnership Programme

Since 2011, Fuji Xerox Singapore has participated in the National Environment Agency (NEA) Corporate & School Partnership (CASP) programme, which pairs corporate entities to work with schools on environmental projects.

To date, nearly 90 students from ITE College West have benefitted from the programme. We have provided these students with exposure to our green technologies and solutions, and have mentored them on various areas relating to our environmental management system.


CASP participating students from ITE College West with Ms. Pauline Chua, General Manager, 

Human Capital & CSR, Fuji Xerox Singapore.


Fuji Xerox Singapore has been part of the community, and the community has been a big part of Fuji Xerox Singapore for more than three decades. It is our goal to become a long-term investor of the community in which we operate.

Because we want to make a contribution towards the society and environment we want for our children and grandchildren, our social contribution efforts focuses on youth. We also strive to maximise our commitment to community development through engaging our employees.

The four charities which Fuji Xerox Singapore is currently supporting are:

  • Children's Cancer Foundation (since 2007)
  • The Boys' Brigade (since 2007)
  • Singapore Children's Society (since 2012)
  • Habitat for Humanity (since 2012)

Christmas Wish


Fuji Xerox Singapore has been a staunch partner of this initiative for more than 5 years. More than 1,500 employees have adopted a Christmas Wish from The Boys' Brigade and Children's Cancer Foundation. 

Every year, all of the wishes are adopted by our staff as we bring warmth and wonder to the beneficiaries and recipients during the joyous festival of Christmas.

Charity Movie Screening


Charity Movie 1


On 7th November 2012, Fuji Xerox Singapore held our annual Charity Movie Screening event at Suntec City. Response was overwhelming as more than 1000 staff, customers and partners turned out in support of a meaningful cause.

Guests not only had the chance to catch the blockbuster film – Skyfall, but were also treated to a fun night of activities such as shooting games and photo taking opportunities with our pseudo James Bond and his Bond girl.

A total of S$27,000 was raised at the event and the full sum has been donated to Habitat for Humanity under the Batam Build Initiative. Fuji Xerox Singapore will continue to support Habitat's build projects to further spread happiness to the less fortunate around us.

Charity Golf Event



The annual Fuji Xerox Charity Golf Event hopes to provide a platform for our senior management, staff and customers to pit their skills against one another and to collectively drive home the message of supporting a good cause. On 6th September 2012, 140 golf enthusiasts took to the course at Raffles Country Club.

To recognise the golfers' efforts and to encourage everyone to do more for charity, Fuji Xerox Singapore also donated $200 for every Birdie and $400 for every Eagle recorded in the tournament.

The golfers were treated to dinner after the tournament where they had the opportunity to witness the build project undertaken by Fuji Xerox Singapore and also to understand more about Habitat for Humanity from their National Director, Mr Yong Teck Meng.

With the strong support of our customers, we have successfully raised $25,000 for Habitat for Humanity.

Batam Build


We provide support to a variety of initiatives not only in the local community but also to overseas communities which are in need of development. With Habitat for Humanity, we have embarked on build projects to eliminate poverty housing in Batam.

These build projects go beyond monetary donations and are aligned to Fuji Xerox's belief that volunteerism plays a big part in sustaining CSR programmes. Besides sponsoring material costs, our staff also travel to Batam to participate in the home building process together with the home partners. Work on the ground includes laying bricks, mixing cement, transportation of build materials and digging of earth for the septic tank.

A strong sense of participation and contribution is developed during the building process and new relationships are formed with the home partners. Being able to witness the structure of the house taking form after a day of work makes the experience especially rewarding for our volunteers.

Since the launch of the programme, we have received tremendous support from the management and staff alike. More than 1,000 employees, customers and partners have volunteered and gone on the build trips to Batam.

"Batam Build has helped me to appreciate what I have, and also the fact that no man is an island. We need to look out for one another and always be ready to lend a helping hand." – Stephanie Gomes Tay, Credit Management Officer

"I believe that as leaders, we have to "walk the talk" and set a good example by volunteering ourselves first. I shared with my team (25 staffs) and encouraged them to contribute to this meaningful event." – Willie Lim, Senior Manager, Value and Innovation Business Group.

For more information on the Habitat for Humanity, please visit

The 1000 Enterprises for Children-In-Need

Launched in 2009, this fund-raising programme aims to encourage small, medium and large companies to widen or engage in corporate philanthropy by pledging their donation to the Society annually. The objective of this programme is to recruit 1000 business enterprises to adopt Singapore Children's Society as their official supported charity.

We first pledged our participation to this initiative in 2012, and is delighted to share that we have renewed our participation for 2013.

For more information on The 1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need, please visit

Doing Well, Doing Good

Fuji Xerox Singapore is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. While delivering great customer experience is our number one priority, we also recognise the importance of contributing to society in a meaningful way. "Doing Well, Doing Good" is our way of appreciating a job well done and thanking our customers for giving us a compliment. For each compliment received, Fuji Xerox Singapore will donate S$2 to Singapore Children's Society – Sun Beam Place.

For more information on Singapore Children's Society, please visit

Activity at Sunbeam Place


Besides partnering Singapore Children's Society for our Doing Well, Doing Good programme. Fuji Xerox Singapore also organised a day of activity with the children staying at Sunbeam Place. A team of 13 volunteers spent an afternoon of fun with the children as the children learnt how to build a terrarium of their own and also had a mini tele-sports match amongst themselves.

"It was certainly a very meaningful event. I believe the children at Sunbeam Place thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did we. It brought the ‘kids' out of us and it was wonderful seeing everyone relating and connecting with the children. I am sure they will have great memories of the afternoon and will be reminded of our time spent with them whenever they see the plant they put together." - Pauline Chua, General Manager, Human Capital & CSR.

Corporate and School Partnership Programme

Since 2011, Fuji Xerox Singapore has participated in the National Environment Agency (NEA) Corporate & School Partnership (CASP) programme, which pairs corporate entities to work with schools on environmental projects.

To date, nearly 90 students from ITE College West have benefitted from the programme. We have provided these students with exposure to our green technologies and solutions, and have mentored them on various areas relating to our environmental management system.


CASP participating students from ITE College West with Ms. Pauline Chua, General Manager,
Human Capital & CSR, Fuji Xerox Singapore.

Student Visits to Fuji Xerox Singapore


Fuji Xerox recognises that youths are the future of our society and has been in partnership with various charity organisations, secondary schools and institutions.

Each year, Fuji Xerox hosts several student visits. The objectives of the corporate tour is to allow students to have a better understanding of our business, technology and green practices while at the same time learn more about the working environment. These tours offer them an insight into the corporate world and help to prepare them for the work force.

Till date, over 350 students and youths have benefitted from these educational workshops and tours.


In 2012, Fuji Xerox Singapore was awarded "HRM Best Environmental Practices" award. This award is in recognition of our efforts in demonstrating impressive commitment to sustainability development in business practices, employee and partner engagement.

In the same year, Fuji Xerox Singapore and ITE College West were recognised with the Bronze Certificate of Sustained Partnership during the Clean and Green School Carnival for 3-year continuous support towards the Corporate and School Partnership programme.

We were also awarded the Gold Winner for "Excellence in CSR Practices" at the Human Resources Excellence Awards 2013, for demonstrating how CSR programmes have been effectively incorporated into the overall HR strategy and have made a difference to our employees and impacted business objectives.