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Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select HS


Fujifilm wide-format printers offer you the latest breakthroughs in digital imaging technology. Leveraging on Fujifilm’s expertise in inkjet inks, print systems and industrial print-heads the Acuity Series brings a range of true flatbed UV print solutions optimised for quality, speed, and production.


  • Controlled print-bed vacuum strength through additional zoning capability
  • In line double strike white capability/hr
  • In line clear ink option
  • New job handling capability and throughput
  • Improved image quality uniformity through print-bed mapping


The Acuity Select HS flatbed inkjet printer from Fujifilm delivers all of the market leading image quality, performance and reliability benefits of the Acuity series. The Acuity Select HS has up to 6 channels offering extended colour, white and clear ink options. These options further enhance productivity and add versatility for an even greater range of applications.


FujiFilm Acuity Advance Select HS

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Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select HS

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