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Fuji Xerox Launches All-In-One, Scalable Production Printer for All Settings

Fuji Xerox Launches All-In-One, Scalable Production Printer for All Settings

The PrimeLink C9070/C9065™ printer is the perfect companion for simple office use to heavy production printing

SINGAPORE, January 22, 2019 – Fuji Xerox Singapore, a leader in document management solutions, today announced the Singapore launch of its new light production printer, PrimeLink C9070/C9065™.

Designed to be fully scaleable, the printer meets the diverse print-on-demand and professional graphic communication needs of offices, design agencies, educational institutes, quick print shops, retailing outlets and manufacturing plants.

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 “With a greater focus on heavy duty and short-run production printing demands, enterprises today are looking for high quality and reliable printers that are efficient, versatile, impactful”, said Ms. Adeline Goh, Head, Product and Solutions Marketing, Fuji Xerox Singapore. “The PrimeLink C9070/9065™ Printer is therefore the perfect companion to meet the demands of professionals while offering a multitude of functions for any office work environment.”

Wide Range of Printing Applications

The PrimeLink C9070/C9065™ if fully equipped with several cutting-edge, in-house colour printing features. These include:

  • Print speeds of up to 70 pages per minute (ppm) in black-and-white or colour.
  • 270 images per minute (ipm) single-pass scanner.
  • Print resolution of 2400x2400 dots per inch (dpi).
  • A wide range of finishing and functional capabilities that offer a professional polish to design collateral, such as presentation materials, brochures, and reports.
  • Workflow Innovation features that improve workflow productivity via partner solutions and automation features.

Hybrid Workflow

A versatile office companion , PrimeLink C9070/C9065™ Printer supports a wide range of printing applications while ensuring high image and colour quality.

  • Smartphone integration: With Fuji Xerox’s Portable UI feature, users can utilize their smartphones as a UI panel and perform basic operations such as copy and scan, and register up to 30 favourite printing configurations. Fuji Xerox Print Utility also enables users to print directly from iOS or Android™ devices, putting mobile printing and scanning convenience at a user’s fingertips. In addition to printing and scanning with Print Utility, the printer supports AirPrint, Google Cloud Print™, and Mopria®.
  • Workflow scanning: Users can automatically convert scanned documents to various file formats which is subsequently sent to specific destination. This enables greater efficiency in managing contracts, bills, and other types of paper processes.
  • Server-less on-demand printing: Avoid print bottlenecks by redirecting print jobs to another available multifunction device.

High Image and Colour Quality

Designed to produce high visual fidelity , the PrimeLink C9070/C9065™ Printer offers sharp, consistent and accurate image quality with a 2,400 x 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) resolution.

  • Fuji Xerox’s GX-i Print Server: Employ the developed architecture to deliver high image quality with professional colour management under superb speed.
  • image Quality Adjustments: Print quality is optimized through features such as 3D calibration, various screens, tone adjustment and Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) based on the original data input.
  • Clear printing of small text and thin lines: The PrimeLink C9070/C9065™ offers edge enhancement features to reproduce crisp text and lines. Additionally, it mitigates the crushing of white text and flattening of black lines in printing scenarios where text is small. Together, these features result in improved text readability.

PrimeLink C9070 /C9065™ Printer with in-line finishing options

PrimeLink C9070 /C9065™ Printer with in-line finishing options


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